8 Pest Control Myths Busted

8 Pest Control Myths Busted

Good News Pest Solutions Team September 23, 2016

In the 27 years we’ve been providing pest control to our friends and neighbors in the Gulf Coast area, we here at Good News Pest Solutions have heard many crazy ideas about pest control. Some are old wives tales, some come from clever marketing, and others are so embedded in our pop culture consciousness, you might not even realize you believe some of them. So we decided to “sit down” and bust a few of those myths.

Myth #1: Mice are Attracted to Cheese

It’s not hard to figure out where this one comes from. From Tom & Jerry to Chuck E. (the animatronic pizza mascot, not the rapper), we’ve been indoctrinated to believe that mice love cheese. While some may partake, the majority are far more interested in sugary sweets like cereal and cookies.

Bed Bug Myths: Dirty Houses and Bombs

A bed bugs infestation is no laughing matter, but unfortunately, in the midst of an often panicked reaction, sometimes we put faith in inaccurate anecdotal evidence instead of facts.

Myth #2:  Clean houses don’t have bed bugs

In fact, because bed bugs are drawn to blood, it makes little to no difference whether your house is clean or dirty. The only disadvantage for the owner of a cluttered house is more places for the bugs to hide when treatment is applied.

Myth #3: "Bug Bombs" can treat homes for bed bugs

It’d be great if you could just pop down to your local grocery or hardware store for the latest bug bomb to end the nightmare. But, in fact, studies like this one at Ohio State show that aerosol bug bombs can make the problem significantly worse by spreading the infestation out, and in any case does not last long enough to impact the bed bugs. The only viable solution is an ongoing treatment schedule from a licensed pest control specialist.

Electronic Solutions

Some well-meaning folks, in an effort to avoid harsh chemicals and DEET often associated with older, traditional bug treatments, embraced electronic solutions introduced in the 70’s and 80’s as a way to responsibly repel insects and other pests:

Myth #4: Ultrasonic repellents repel bugs

You can’t blame consumers for buying into the unscientific hype – ultra high frequency sounds that drive pests away but are below our threshold of hearing sounds fantastic. BUT… you can blame the manufacturers, which is why the Federal Trade Commission filed suit against the makers of these devices years ago. A careful reading of their claims shows that they talk exclusively about what the devices are designed to do and nothing on what they are proven to do – because they’ve never been proven to do anything.

Myth #5: Bug Zappers keep mosquitoes away

As you’re probably aware, mosquitoes are drawn to blood sources, not pretty blue lights.  So while annoying flies – and helpful moths – are drawn to bug zappers, mosquitoes don’t even notice as they target your infrared heat signature. And bite. Which leads us to:

Myth #6: Mosquitoes Only Come Out at Dawn and Dusk

We’re going to assume that the people who believe this are new to our Florida backyards. As most residents are well aware, mosquitoes can bite any time of the day or night. In fact, one of the main vectors of the Zika virus, the Aedes aegypti mosquito, is a daytime biter! And while bug spray can be a temporary deterrent, with heightened concerns due to Zika virus and other unsavory illnesses spread by mosquitoes, you might want to check out other options for localized mosquito control.

Myth #7: A House on a Concrete Slab is Termite-Proof

If only there was a way to keep the termites from crawling OVER the concrete to get to the wooden guts still used to construct the frame of most homes. Until there is, termites are still going to be a potential issue for homeowners, and if you’re in the market for a new house, make sure the termite inspection is on your checklist.

Myth #8: You Must Use Harsh Chemicals to Treat for Bugs

While this might have been true in decades past, it is no longer the rule. In fact, here at Good News Pest Solutions, we specialize in cutting-edge, natural, eco-friendly pest control measures that are safe for you, your family, your pets and our earthly home, while being highly effective at controlling pests.

So, if you're ready to dismiss the myths and are looking for a green pest control company, look no further! You have found the Gulf Coast’s leader in natural pest control; contact us today!

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