Flea Treatment

Before the Flea Treatment

  • Expose as much carpeted area and baseboard as possible by moving furniture away from the walls and picking up and storing anything on the floors in the areas to be treated including closets and under beds.
  • Vacuum all carpeted areas prior to the treatment and dispose of the sealed vacuum bag outside of the house.
  • Wash all pet bedding in hot water and dry if possible on highest heat setting available. Check the labels to ensure you do not damage the items using this method.
  • All residents and pets must vacate the home until the treatment is complete and the surfaces treated are completely dry. We recommend making arrangements to be out for two hours after we arrive.
  • Be sure to have all dogs and cats treated by your veterinarian prior to/or on the day of Good News Pest Solutions treatment. Good News reserves the right to request copies of receipts for animal treatments.
  • Once the pet is treated, do not bathe the pet with shampoos that contain soaps as these wash off the pet’s natural oils. Choose a natural cleaning remedy such as oatmeal based cleansers. Your veterinarian can recommend products for use as many common flea treatments applied directly to the pet are spread across the skin via the pet’s natural oils and removing those oils renders the treatment ineffective. We recommend cleaning the pet no more than once per month. Bathing is not a concern with pets that are treated systemically via oral pills.
Flea Treatment - Sarasota Florida

During the Flea Treatment

Good News uses a proprietary strategy to eliminate all adults and applies a residual to all fabric and carpeted areas within the infested zones. Bathroom and overhead ceiling fans will be turned on upon our departure to facilitate aeration prior to re-entry. You may find seat and sofa cushions turned over and daybeds open when you return.

After the Flea Treatment

  • Keep all pets from treated areas until the products are completely dry.
  • Vacuum or walk through any areas previously infested every day if possible for the next two weeks, as this stimulates the emergence of fleas from pupae and quickly exposes them to the residual treatment. No treatment penetrates the eggs or pupae stages, so this is very important. Remember to discard the bags properly. Please understand that if a home is vacant, fleas will sit in waiting for months until a potential host comes along. It is very common to see activity when you or your housekeepers return in this situation.
  • Be aware that you may still experience flea activity up to thirty days after the treatment and possibly longer if the pet has not been treated or has been exposed to other infested sites such as kennels, groomers, etc. Good News recommends using an ongoing on-pet treatment program (I.E.: Frontline, Advantage). Fleas will live for only a few hours once exposed to the treated areas. This activity may occur in waves as emergences occur.
  • Do not shampoo the carpet as this removes the residual effect of the treatment and voids our guarantee.
  • Good News will not provide additional treatments during the first two weeks after the initial service and will only retreat areas where activity is confirmed by our technicians beyond that time. We are very cautious about adding pesticides to your living spaces as our products have at least a sixty day residual effect.
  • Any questions or concerns you may have can be directed to your area representative, technician, or any of our courteous staff!

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