Premium Program

Perimeter Plus green pest control
+ Term-Assure 365 termite protection

Our Premium Program combines our trademark Perimeter Plus green pest control with world-class termite protection...all for one low monthly price!

  • Perimeter Plus green pest control three times per year
  • Initial inspection and installation of termite monitoring stations
  • $1 million subterranean termite damage repair warranty
  • Inspection required to qualify home
  • Excludes drywood termites

Our Premium Program is $52/month for homes 1,201-3,000 square feet, with an initial set-up of $229. The pricing varies slightly if your home is under 1,200 sqft or over 3,000 sqft. Please call us for details.

Perimeter Plus green pest control

Our signature green pest control service, performed 3x per year. Pet and people friendly, this service treats your home for roaches, ants, spiders, and more!

PLUS Termite Protection

We set up termite monitoring stations and provide a $1 Million termite damage repair warranty!

EQUALS Complete Peace of Mind

You don’t have to worry about household pests OR termites ever again!

Subterranean termites do $5 billion in damage to structures every year, more than floods and fires combined.

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Term-Assure 365 is the most affordable way to have peace of mind protection ever offered.

We are bundling protection against subterranean termites AND household pests for only $52 per month after a minimal initial setup fee.

But why don’t more homeowners insure against this major risk?

Because most people believe that the cost of treatment is too high, usually $1000 or more, to transfer the risk to the pest company.

  • Florida is the #1 state for subterranean termite damage due to our ideal environmental conditions
  • Only about 30% of homes enjoy the peace of mind of having a termite warranty
  • Homeowners’ insurance policies do NOT cover termite damage, so a warranty from a licensed pest control operator is the only way to obtain proper protection.

How Does Term-Assure 365 Work?


First, we perform a thorough inspection of your home to be sure it qualifies for this amazing offer.

If your home:

  • is a single-family dwelling within our service area,
  • is built on a slab with no wood to ground contact or obvious moisture conditions,
  • has no visible evidence of subterranean termites (like mud tunnels, damaged wood, or reproductive swarmers)

… then you qualify!

Second, we perform our Perimeter Plus interior and exterior pest control service and install termite monitoring stations (usually 6 – 8 stations) around the exterior perimeter of your home. The monitoring stations are located within the eaves line in termite conducive areas, like near the AC drip line and downspouts, where moisture is present.

Next, your trained pest control technician will perform our guaranteed Perimeter Plus service 3 times per year (every 4 months). In addition to treating to prevent or eliminate household pests, your tech will also check the termite monitoring stations for termite activity while there.

What if termites are found in the monitoring stations?

If live subterranean termites are detected in any of the monitors, your tech will let you know and schedule a complete perimeter termite treatment of your home.

After your home is treated, your pest tech will continue to monitor the stations during each tri-annual maintenance service visit.

In addition, our warranty renewal inspector will perform a thorough interior and exterior inspection once per year to be sure there are no termites or damage.

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