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One of the oldest communities in Florida, Parrish and its residents still cherish the old life.

With the multitude of pre-platted cities and retirement communities across our fair state, we sometimes forget that there were settlements and cities on the Gulf Coast that predate World War II.

Parrish is one of the oldest cities in the Sunshine state, first settled in 1850 by Captain William Hooker after he purchased the land from the United States government and built the Oak Hill Plantation. After the Civil War, he sold the plantation to a fellow soldier from the Seminole Wars, Maj. William Iredell Turner.

Turner, despite his Southern leanings, was already in well accord, having named Gainesville and establishing Braidentown (now Bradenton) as its first official postmaster. He and his son expanded the property, eventually dropping ‘Plantation’ from the title.

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In 1869, Crawford & Mary Parrish bought land in Oak Hill from Mjr Turner where they farmed citrus and raised 8 children. In 1885, Parrish got a land grant from President Grover Cleveland that added 40 acres to their property. He built the first school and church in the area. As the railroad proceeded further south, Parrish’s son John devised a plan to make life and commerce easier for his family and his neighbors.

Convinced that a depot was crucial to the development of the town, John Parrish convinced the United States & West Indies Railroad and Steamship Company to build a railroad depot in Oak Hill by donating part of the family’s land holdings for the depot, water tank and four miles of track.

The depot was completed in 1902 and the city’s name changed to Parrish in the family’s honor, at their request, shortly thereafter. The town grew and thrived until the Great Depression crushed business and almost destroyed the entire town.

Today Parrish continues to grow. The depot now houses the Florida Railroad Museum and gives short line tours. The city never incorporated and when the Highway 301 was expended, several of the town’s historic downtown was torn down. Mary & Crawford Parrish are buried in the town cemetery, surrounded by generations of their family, and the town is still home to the descendants of many of the town’s founding families, including the Parrish’s.

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Good News leads the industry in providing 100% all natural, safer and more effective botanically-based eco-superior products for pest control. Products that are guaranteed safe for you, your children and your pets. That, coupled with other products that utilize naturally occurring elements found in nature, allows Good News to provide the same pest-free living guarantee, with no risk to your health.

A recent EPA study suggests that 80% of pesticide exposure occurs indoors and that measurable levels of up to a dozen pesticides have been found in the air inside homes!

Perimeter Plus Pest Control - Parrish, Florida

Perimeter Plus - Green Pest Control

Our Perimeter Plus green pest control is designed to eliminate and prevent most of the creepy-crawly insect varieties we see in Florida, including ants, roaches, silverfish and, of course, spiders. We schedule 3 visits per year to provide exterior service after the initial set-up.

Your Good News technician will inspect the entire exterior of your property while sweeping cobwebs from the eaves and windows.

Once the source of insects is determined, a proper treatment of the perimeter foundation, entry points, eaves, plant beds and trees will be applied where needed using reduced–risk, green products.

If you are having any pest issues inside, your trained tech will also treat any entry points, kitchen, baths, laundry room, or problem areas using reduced–risk or even pesticide exempt products.

We guarantee your satisfaction and will return (at no charge) in between scheduled visits if you encounter any pests. Please call as soon as you see a problem. The sooner we inspect and treat, the better.

Premier Rodent Program - Parrish, Florida

Keeping the Rodents in the Fields

One issue we see with rapidly growing and developing areas, is that rats, mice and other rodents find themselves ‘homeless,’ and decide to move in to your home—even in the most exclusive homes and neighborhoods.

The Good News Premier Rodent Program is the most comprehensive service available. We start by excluding all known entry points and sealing roof vents with proprietary covers. Then, we set several traps in the attic(s) to kill any rodents sealed in.

Next, we install 4-6 of the best bait stations available in hidden locations around the exterior perimeter. These help to keep the outside population of rodents to a minimum. We check the traps twice per week until we are sure there are no more live rodents inside.

Finally, we vacuum droppings and apply a deodorizer, sanitizer, viruscide to the entire attic space.

Many of our customers are finalizing the process by capping their insulation with T·A·P: Thermal Acoustical Pest Control. Once T·A·P™ is installed, the attic looks brand new and acts as a deterrent to re-infestation.

Term Assure 365 - Parrish, Florida

Term-Assure 365 - Termite Protection

Our tropical Florida environment means that the state also has the highest risk for termite problems. Termites do more damage than floods, fires and storms combined, and like those natural disasters, the more you prepare the less you feel the impact.

Termite damage isn’t covered by most homeowners policies, which means the repair costs come out of your pocket.

Good News is the leader in using natural and essential oil alternatives to control both drywood and subterranean termite pests.

Term Assure 365 is the most comprehensive and affordable termite protection in the state. First, we perform a thorough inspection of your home to be sure there is no existing evidence of termite infestation.

Next, we perform our initial Perimeter Plus interior and exterior pest control service and install 6-8 termite monitoring stations around the exterior perimeter of your home.

Then every time one of our skilled technicians visits your house (at least once every 4 months), they check the monitoring stations along with the normal treatment. And we offer a $1 million dollar damage repair warranty for homes that qualify.

If you’re building or buying, we offer Bora-Care®, an organic pre-construction treatment, and Florida-mandated real estate WDO inspections, to insure your new home is free of wood destroying organisms.

Don’t wait, schedule your termite inspection now.

T.A.P Pest Control Insulation - Parrish, Florida

T·A·P: Thermal Acoustical Pest Control

With T·A·P, you not only keep out the bugs, but you can save money on your cooling (and heating) bills! Like all our products, TAP is all natural and safe for your family and pets, but is 32% more energy efficient than fiberglass insulation, while adding a sound barrier and even reducing fire hazard.

Learn more about Thermal Acoustical Pest Control!

Quick Facts About Parrish:

  • Paul Azinger put Parrish on the map when he began wearing River Wilderness hats on the PGA tour.
  • The Parrish Florida Rail Road Museum is now home to the Frisco 3749 Engine, which co-starred with John Wayne & Maureen O’Hara in “The Wings of Eagles.”
  • The Parrish Medical Center was one of the first Healing Hospitals in the United States.

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