Top Pests in Florida

Top Pests in Florida

Good News Pest Solutions Team September 11, 2018

In just a short while, the Gulf Coast of Florida will start to experience the biggest invasive species we’ve ever seen. Luckily, it’s only for a few months. We’re talking, of course, of the annual migration of snowbirds to our sandy shores. When the temperatures up North start heading south, so do the people.

Love is in the Air

Along with them will come one of our least popular insects – the Lovebug. Actually, Plecia Nearctica will already be here, serving their God-given purpose in our ecosystem. It’s just that car exhaust is a natural aphrodisiac for the variation on march flies, leading them to hook-up midair over our roads. Until they splatter across your windshield or grill, that is. Lovebugs are most active during September and May of each year, and you’ll want to set aside a few extra dollars for the car wash so their acidic residue doesn’t damage your paint.

It’s Not Unusual

Our year-round semi-tropical climate also attracts a close relative to the lovebugs. Everyone’s favorite Florida insect: the Mosquito. While technically mosquitoes are active year-round in Florida, they’re most prevalent during our Summer rainy season. That’s because they lay their eggs in standing water. Once they dry out and are re-wet, the eggs hatch. There are 80 species of mosquitoes in Florida, but only 33 or so that cause issues. Of those, 13 can transmit diseases like Zika and Dengue. The CDC always reminds us to be sure to cover up and use a natural mosquito repellant. In fact, while it may seem like there’s always a lot of swarming mosquitoes biting you and your pets, in fact, only the pregnant females need to devour blood. Males just help pollinate. Which is why we’re proud to offer our exclusive No Bite Zones Mosquito Protection Program. It not only turns those momma mosquitoes into vegans, but they pass that on to their babies. And it’s 100% all natural and safe for your family.

This and That

Another of our least favorite Florida insects are the fleas popularly known as Noseeums. And yes, the name means exactly what you think it means.  Also known as sand fleas or sandflies, these little biters are almost invisible to the human eye. But you’ll know they’re there! Contrary to popular belief, they are not isolated to beaches. While that would be bad enough, since most of Florida is sand of some sort, you may encounter them closer to home as well.

Burning Down the House

While our other highlighted Florida pests are mostly annoying, the last one we’ll talk about can cost you – big time. Termites are responsible for some $5-Billion in damaged buildings every year – more than tornadoes, fires, and earthquakes combined. Thanks to our wonderful weather, Florida has more than its fair share of termite infestations. We’re known for saying there are two kinds of homes in Florida – those with termites and those that will have termites. And the cost of termite damage isn’t covered by homeowner’s insurance. If you notice some mud-like substances on your windowsills or baseboards, or hear a hollow sound when you tap on your baseboards, you may have termites. Another sign is discarded wings from termites mating, but a different look from winged ants. If you even suspect you might have termites, call a professional. And even if you don’t, get your house inspected now. Our Term Assure 365 combines our popular Go Green Plus 3 with incredible year-round termite protection that comes with a $1-million damage repair warranty. It’s the best in Florida, and only $47 a month for most homes that qualify! Our happy clients from Sarasota to Punta Gorda can attest to the value of our services. For more information, just give us a call!

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