Spring is Coming and So are More Bugs!

Spring is Coming and So are More Bugs!

Despite our recent dip into the upper 40’s, Florida doesn’t have many days that our neighbors to the north would consider “real winter.” That has its benefits and disadvantages. The fact that we call 40’s and 50’s sweater weather is one factor. Because our temperatures never really nose dive, that means that we don’t ever get a break from insect life.

Flies in the Ointment

Up North, as the weather gets warmer, many homeowners discover flies, stink bugs, Asian beetles and more in their homes. The bugs often seek warm, dry places and bed down in buildings while it’s cold outside. Of course, now, they want to get out, and that can sometimes startle the people who didn’t know they were sharing their abode with these insect stowaways.

Go to the Ant (and Termite)…

As spring pops into being, our friends and family up north will start to see more ants and termites. During the winter freeze, these bugs burrow down deep below the frost line to survive. But as the dirt above their colonies starts to warm up, the insects will be raring to get out there and get some fresh air and sunshine. Meanwhile the bugs we live with year round have adapted somewhat to our temperate, subtropical climate. But what hasn’t changed is their genetic makeup. A good portion of the termites in Florida start to swarm in the late spring and early summer. Even though they’re still active in the winter months, their DNA tells them when to reproduce and repopulate the colony.

Seasons of the Swarm

And this comes back to one of our disadvantages. Living in Florida, we get two termite swarming seasons. Subterranean termites swarm from late February through April as we mentioned earlier. But we also have Drywood termites, who swarm from May through August, and sometimes even into November! That’s one of the reasons we worked hard to develop our exclusive Term Assure 365 program. We start with a home and yard inspection, making sure you don’t already have termites. Then we apply our risk-reduced Perimeter Plus, 100% organic, green pest control solution. At the same time, we install several termite monitoring stations around the outside of your home. Three times a year, one of our highly trained technicians repeats the treatment and inspects the stations. If there’s any sign of termite infestation, we immediately treat for termites with another green solution. Our solution is so effective for Florida homeowners from Lakewood Ranch to Punta Gorda, that we top the whole thing off with a $1-Million warranty against termite damage. In case you weren’t aware, your homeowners’ policy in Florida doesn’t cover termite damage.  If you’d like more information, or would like to schedule your inspection, just give us a call! (We also offer real estate inspections to protect you before you invest in a home!)

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