Are Termites Doing This to Your House?

Are Termites Doing This to Your House?

A brand new game show debuted recently that’s got everyone in our offices interested. It comes from our friends at Pest Control Technology. While they’re not working with Dick Clark or Mark Burnett Productions, it’s got all the great elements of your favorite game shows.


It’s dynamic, dramatic, thrilling and has us on the edge of our seats. But…


This Isn’t A Game Show You Want to Win


The show is titled, “Will They Eat It?” The host takes various household objects such as food crumbs, books, money, even shoes and headphones and locks them in with 100,000 termites. Dr. Mike Bentley, an entomologist, drapes the container with a colored scarf, like a magic trick.


But hidden cameras reveal the trick – giving viewers a unique insight on how termites attack and, yes -- spoiler alert! -- devour the items. But it’s something you have to see to believe.


You can catch all the episodes here!


Sure, But 100,000 Termites?


This number wasn’t picked at random. An average size young colony of termites usually ranges around 100,000 in number. An older colony that’s been spreading through the neighborhood could contain some 2,000,000 termites. And that’s with the colony being reduced every winter. That’s why homes in Florida, where the insects easily survive our moderate weather, are at a higher risk factor.


2,000,000 termites, left untreated, can devour an entire home in 18-24 months.


Termites cause an estimated $5-Billion dollars in property damage every year, and the majority of that is in Florida, California, Texas and Louisiana. And earlier this year, Tampa ranked as the #3 location for termite risk in the United States – something else we’d rather not win.


Will You Eat It?


You should be aware, although Termite (or WDO) Inspections are performed prior to most home sales, homeowners insurance policies don’t pay for repairs due to termite damage.


The good news is, you might not have to either. Our Premium Program bundles our trademark year-round Perimeter Plus Green pest control with world-class termite protection. And it comes with a $1-million termite damage repair warranty, if your home qualifies.


You get our best, most popular organic pest solution for your home, and the top termite protection, all for a low monthly price. And this isn’t ‘set it and forget it’ – our highly trained field technicians come out every four months to repeat treatment and check the termite monitoring stations.


So, what are you waiting for? Join our thousands of happy customers from Sarasota to North Fort Myers and get Premium Protection for your home against termites and more. Call us to set up your appointment today!

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