In Like a Lion but out like a...?

In Like a Lion but out like a...?

You’ve probably heard the popular weather phrase referenced above. In reality, it’s closer to an old wives’ tale than an accurate weather predictor. And we know it probably originated in the Midwest or the Northeast, so even if it was true, it has little to do with our forecasts here on the Gulf Coast of Florida.


That’s especially true for this March. While we have had a few days – okay exactly three – where the high temperature has dipped below 75, the month has been unseasonably warm. And unlike a lot of the rest of the country, it has been ridiculously DRY.


The Insects of Spring


The somewhat unusual weather means some differing expectations for our spring pest issues.




While rising water levels aren’t pushing fire ants to relocate in your garage or attic, they’re not the only Formicidae we deal with in the Sunshine State. Ghost ants, big headed ants and carpenter ants are all an issue this time of year.


Ghost ants are often brought inside in potted plants during those few days during the winter when we get the light freezes. Their preferred food source is honeydew leaves – where they “herd” aphids. Inside, they seek out sweets and grease. So look for them around the kitchen and pantry.


Big headed ants are very similar in lifestyle and food sourcing as ghost ants. They just have darker colorings and, well, bigger heads.


Carpenter ants have red heads, dark bodies, with visible hairs on their thorax and abdomen. While they are usually outdoors, they sometimes travel into homes or are brought in with firewood. They are often mistaken for termites because they nest in and cut tunnels and galleries through – but do not eat – wood. And speaking of those cellulose snackers…




While termites are active year-round in Florida, springtime is the time when the subterranean termites swarm. Subterranean termites – both the native and the Formosan variety – cause the most and the most costly destruction in Florida.


One reason subterranean termites hold the top spot is because they infest your home from underground. Often, people do not see the signs, or mistakenly attribute what they do see to ants, delaying treatment until it’s almost too late. And homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover termite damage!


If you see shed wings (from reproductive termites), wood damage or mud tubes, don’t take any chances - call a professional today.


Protection with a Promise


The good news is, you don’t have to wait until termites infest your home – and they will – to deal with them. Good News Pest Solutions Term Assure 365 combines our most popular risk-reduced pest control with world-class termite protection for a reasonable monthly fee.


After a full inspection, we keep your whole home safe from all pests. We also check specially designed termite monitoring stations. If there are signs of termite infestation, we immediately schedule a full treatment. Once a year, we’ll repeat the full inspection of your home – and we include a $1-Million termite damage repair warranty!


Whether Spring comes in with a roar or a bleat, we’re ready for it – and you can be too. To schedule an appointment, or just get more information about the safest pest protection from Parrish to Punta Gorda, give us a call!

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