April Showers... Bring Bugs?

April Showers... Bring Bugs?

We all know the popular catch phrase, “April showers bring May flowers,” but did you know the saying actually comes from the prologue to Chaucher’s Canterbury Tales? Sometimes those English Lit classes really do come in handy!


Of course, here on the Gulf Coast of Florida, it’s more than April showers. And the winds don’t blow in March, but come with even more rain, starting in June – Hurricane Season. According to the weather forecasters, though, we will see a fair amount of rain this April. And in Florida, that means a whole new pest problem.


Shelter In Your Home


Thanks to our sub-tropical weather, we’re not the only ones who are likely to be hanging out in our homes. Several of our favorite creepy crawlies from the outside world are likely to make their way indoors. And if they’re not dealt with, they can become a problem quickly.




Some of the hardest to control insects in our homes are ants. As you know, we’re a popular vacation spot. And, unfortunately, every visitor, from Ponce de Leon to snowbirds to spring breakers, have managed to bring new and exciting invasive species of ants to our shores.


When your yard starts filling up with water from too much rain, ants all head for higher ground. You get ghost, crazy and big headed ants in your pantry. Carpenter ants in your attic and walls. And Red Imported Fire Ants, well, anywhere.


Centipedes & Millipedes


Florida Blue Centipedes usually live outside in mulch, rotting wood, and decaying plant matter. They prefer high humidity areas, which we have plenty of in Florida. But when heavy rains come, they may be forced inside – or just find the indoors to be a fertile hunting ground. Centipedes feed on insects, worms and snails. Which means if you find centipedes in your home, they’re hunting other insects already there.


Millipedes are much more commonly seen in homes – curled up and dead. They feed on the decaying plant matter that they live in, and sometimes are brought into our homes by accident. Or they’ll creep in because of the landscaping mulch around your home. While humidity is still high in our houses, it’s usually not to the same level as outside. So, often when millipedes curl up as a defense, they dry out and die in that condition.




You’re unlikely to encounter sowbugs – which are not insects – inside your home. Typically, the few that get in die off quickly from lack of moisture or food supply. Like millipedes, these woodlice feed on decaying plant matter and wood. But these “bugs” – likened to tiny armadillos – don’t fly, sting, or have a defense mechanism, which means they won’t be lasting long indoors.  




Of course, everyone’s “favorite” home invaders are the cockroaches. Heavy rains may drive them indoors or even escort them in, depending on how well your drains and downspouts are designed. Cockroaches will take up residence, hiding in your pantry, kitchen and garages, foraging at night. They don’t need nearly as much moisture as the other pests, so can find plenty in your home...along with plenty of food sources.


Once they enter your home, roaches are there to stay!


Bugs, Bugs, Go Away!


The best way to prevent most of these pest incursions into your home is to close off all likely entry points. Including the ones you may have never considered. The good news is, we’re here to help.


Our most popular service is our Go Green Perimeter Plus Pest Solution. We inspect the outside of your home, sweep away cobwebs and such, then treat the perimeter and all potential entry points for insects and other pests. Then we come back every few months to update the treatment. And all of our products are reduced-risk treatments – the safest and most effective we can find.


Under our current pandemic-inspired safety measures, we are still treating the outside perimeter of your home. If you’d like to schedule an appointment, or get more information about our world-class services, including termite protection, give us a call!

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