The Fall Equinox ... Already?

The Fall Equinox ... Already?

Good News Pest Solutions Team September 24, 2020

A lot of newcomers to the Sunshine State sometimes complain that we have no seasons. That's just not true! We have tourist season, hurricane season, mosquito season, snowbird season…


Jokes aside, while we may not see quite as dramatic changes as many of our neighbors to the North – which is why we have a snowbird season – there are some subtle seasonal changes to look for as we turn our calendars from the summer solstice to the autumnal equinox.


September 22 was the official first day of fall. For those of us who didn’t study Latin, equinox roughly translates as “equal night” or the time when our day is split 50/50. The sun sits directly atop the equator, and then we shift into the time when the days get shorter and the nights longer. If you really want to get technical, the equinox occurred at exactly 9:31am on September 22.


The Rain & the Winds


Despite Tropical Storm Beta in the Gulf at the moment, Fall is a time when the winds and the rain slow down considerably for us here on the Gulf Coast of Florida. The temperatures will ease a little. Our yards will stop growing out of control – needing bi-weekly mowings.


Some typical fall activities will be curtailed due to the pandemic, like Halloween Horror Nights & the Siesta Key Classic Sand Sculpture Contest. But there are plenty of outdoor adventures to explore while safely distancing. Just like seeing more snowbirds, cooler temperatures mean more Florida manatee sightings.


Sea Turtle season is on until the end of October, and the Turtle Beach Campground recently reopened with some restrictions. Myakka River State Park is also open. The boat tours, the restaurant, canopy walkway and trails can be accessed with masks and appropriate distancing.


In a couple of weeks, you can celebrate the end of the second wave of Love Bug mating with a good car wash. And if you’re struggling to stay in the autumn spirit, you can always rely on Starbucks to keep the Pumpkin Spice Latte flowing.


Bugs & Bats & Mice


While we don’t see as much of a slowdown of Florida insect populations as our northern neighbors, it is happening. We’ll be seeing fewer mosquitoes and house flies. The ants will be less likely to invade our homes because of flooding. And now that Bat Maternity season has ended, they can be safely extricated from your home, if needed.


Be on the lookout for rodent excursions as temperatures cool. Especially in newer developed areas like Lakewood Ranch and our more rural sections, displaced mice might try to make your home theirs too.


Termites, our most insidious insect invader here in Florida, aren’t as prevalent a problem in the fall. They typically swarm in the Spring and early summer. But thanks to our subtropical weather, they do stay active. And now’s a great time to get preventative measures in place.


For a small additional fee, you can upgrade our Green Perimeter Plus Pest solution to Term Assure 365. Not only will we treat and inspect for possible termite issues, our solution comes with a $1-million damage guarantee. That’s a lot better than what your homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover.


To find out more about upgrading to Term Assure 365 or getting started with the most comprehensive, safe pest control solution you can find, just give us a call!

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