Bugs Who Winter in my House?

Bugs Who Winter in my House?

Good News Pest Solutions Team February 18, 2021

One of our favorite winter pastimes here in the Sunshine State is watching how everyone up north deals with the snow and ice. It’s even more pronounced this year as a winter storm ravages as far south as Texas, setting records. Meanwhile, we’re setting warmer than usual records for February here on the Gulf Coast of Florida.


This may well be why we see more snowbirds for longer periods every year. If you can afford it, why not spend those frigid months in a subtropical paradise? But snowbirds aren’t always walking around on two feet…sometimes they’re much closer to the ground.


Insects are cold-blooded, but, just like humans, they get used to regularly warmer weather too. But they don’t stop to think, why does 50-degrees make me want to put on a sweater? They just scoot their butts inside your home where it’s warmer - even with dad setting the thermostat down to 65!


Thankfully, we don’t have quite the same variety of insect home invaders as our neighbors to the north. Ladybugs, stink bugs, seed bugs and beetles aren’t seen that often during our winter months. Some will find their way indoors accidentally packed into your suitcase, or brought in with plants for those couple of really cold days.


Our real wintering insects are usually much more insidious.


Fair Weather Fiends


Ants generally stay outdoors unless it’s been a particularly wet winter. They’re much more likely to seek shelter inside during the rainy season. When the thunderstorms are flooding our yards – look out! But some ants may still come inside in the winter.


Silverfish really love dark and damp places, so tend to be more sensitive to cold temperatures. These nocturnal interlopers will eat just about anything but tend to prefer paper and cardboard. But because they only come out at night, you might not notice them until they’ve settled in. Look for jagged edges on book pages, pieces of paper, and in storage areas – garages and closets. Silverfish can be a sign you have a mold or mildew problem as well.


Cockroaches, as we’ve discussed before, will come in seeking food and then multiply like, well, cockroaches. Keep an eye on cupboards, pantries, and any cracks and crevices where the insects might hide. In addition to being ugly and creepy, they bring disease with them. You want to keep them out. This isn’t a live and let live situation.


While they’re not insects, mice and rats can also try and find their way into your humble abode, especially if they have recently been displaced by our growing, expanding communities. Like us, they want to keep warm. And unlike some of the bugs that may hibernate, rodents are always active. Nesting, reproducing, eating…not a good combination for your home.


Finally, the most devastating home invaders – that are often already there, even before the weather cools – termites. When temps drop, termites burrow deeper. But if they’re already in your home – and every home in Florida is at risk – they’ll continue to feed, build tunnels, and damage your home.


Keep any eye out for some upcoming posts that deal more with these destructive beings!


Term-Assure 365


The only way to deal with termites in Florida is to be ever vigilant. The good news is, we can do that for you. We developed our Term-Assure 365 as an add on to our year round Green Perimeter Plus solution. We perform a thorough inspection for termites and look for any potential entry points around your home or evidence of tunneling.


Then, along with our normal treatment, we install termite monitoring stations. We check those every time we come out to your home. People recommend our service because it comes with a $1-million damage repair warranty. We give you peace of mind, plus treatments safe for the whole family, all at an affordable monthly price. For more details on our solutions or to schedule your home for treatment, just give us a call!

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