Termite Awareness Week

Termite Awareness Week

Are you ready? It’s coming next week! TERMITE AWARENESS WEEK!


Okay, so maybe we’re more excited about this than the average person. But we can’t help being excited about another opportunity to talk about one of the biggest threats to homes in Florida and how we help people protect themselves.


Termites cause an average of $5 billion in damages to United States homes every year. And thanks to our subtropical weather, a significant amount of that cost comes out of homeowners' pockets in Florida. And it’s not usually covered by homeowner’s insurance. Now that may seem small next to the expense associated with a Hurricane Andrew or Katrina. But FEMA isn’t coming to help homeowners relocate and treat their homes.


That’s one of many reasons why we mark Termite Awareness Week during the early days of Spring. As our days turn warmer, termites tend to get even more active. And although termites never really stop eating, you can imagine how much more active they are when we have an unseasonably warm winter.    Miami, Orlando and yes, the greater Tampa Bay area consistently rank among the top 15 geographical areas for termite infestation.


A History of Violence


There are more than 2700 species of termites in the world – some older than the dinosaurs! While most termites have eyes, they don’t get used all that much. We talked last week about how termites use vibrations to determine the best wood for them to munch on. They also communicate and divide themselves into castes with specific pheromones. That includes portions of the colony responsible for grooming to prevent disease.


In some states and parts of Africa, termites build nests up into the air. Here in Florida, they prefer living underground...at least until they find a house that will provide them with plenty of yummy wood. Termite queens can live to a ripe old age of 50 – older than any other insect in the world. Queens in some species lay 10-million eggs a year, or between 25-40,000 eggs A DAY.


You can understand why quick action needs to be taken once an infestation has been discovered.


A Green Warranty


We have a saying here at Good News Pest Solutions. There are two kinds of homes in Florida – those with termites and those who don’t have them YET. And you can’t just pack up and drive North on I75 to escape termites like you can an oncoming tropical storm.


That’s why we offer our clients Term Assure 365 – the best termite protection you can get. It’s the perfect complement to our Go Green Perimeter Plus solution. First we perform a thorough inspection for termites and look for any potential entry points around your home or evidence of tunneling. We provide this inspection one time for free to existing homeowners. If your home qualifies as termite-free, we set termite monitoring stations.


Now every time we come out to your home for the Green Perimeter treatments, we check those monitoring stations. You’re protected from termites and the other usual pests that plague us here in the Sunshine State. To top it off, our solution comes with a $1 million damage warranty. It’s the best protection you can get, at an affordable price.


We also offer an affordable pre-check of an existing home before you buy, and earth-friendly solutions for new construction. To schedule your free home inspection or inquire how to add Term Assure to your existing service, just give us a call!

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