It's Springtime!

It's Springtime!

Yay! Spring is about to… sprang? Sprung? Have been sprung? Silly irregular verbs! English can be a confusing language sometimes. But the point is, Spring is here on the Gulf Coast of Florida, even if the official start of the Vernal Equinox isn’t for a few more days. March 20th to be exact.


We have a few partly cloudy days in the mid to upper 70’s, and then winter is over and we’re back in the 80’s for, well, most of the year. But we can’t complain. We love the regular weather and our afternoon rains that will mark the start of summer and hurricane season.


Traditionally, spring is a time of renewal and refreshment. Our neighbors to the north will have weather nice enough that they can throw open the windows and let their homes air out. That’s probably why we think of this time of year as a good time to clean. We’ve been ‘trapped’ in our homes for the cold, hard winter and kicking in a little elbow grease with some fresh air feels productive.


So, you’re probably thinking we’ve been trapped in our homes for the past year, thanks to this coronavirus! And we’ve been feeling it too. It’s nice to see Florida and other parts of the country cautiously start to open up. We’ve even been promised that almost everyone will have access to the vaccine sometime in early May. So spring really is a good time to clear out the not-so-proverbial cobwebs, get ready for Easter celebrations, and prepare to reenter the “normal” world.


Clean for Spring


Doctors also say spring cleaning has several positive physical and psychological effects on us.


There are few greater ways to increase productivity than by consolidating things. Decluttering and organizing what you have makes it easier to find everything you need, especially after months of doing remote work and school. You can establish the things you need and discard some of the things that aren’t as important or used. You don’t have to go all Marie Kondo on your house, but if things aren’t sparking at least some kind of joy or interest, maybe dump them or give them away to a charity accepting donations.


Of course, those of us with allergies know the benefits of getting rid of dust and dander. But even if you don’t suffer from certain sensitivities, cleaning will help you breathe easier and feel healthier.


Some studies have shown that cleaner houses make us happier and less stressed. Getting your kids involved is good for them too. They feel more connected to the rest of the household and can take pride in a job well done, even if it’s just washing the windows or dusting off the TV.


There’s also a bit of evidence that cleaning your house also “cleans” your brain. When your brain is not being stressed or distracted by clutter and mess, it finds firing neurons for making essential decisions easier. Reducing your anxiety and stress will have a ripple effect on your life, job and family.


Make It So


So grab that mop and broom, water, soap, and some clean cloths and start feeling better about everything! A while back, we went into depth on being green while you clean. You can click the link for several tips on being organic and environmentally friendly while freshening the house.


Spring is also a great time to clear the bugs out. Even if you haven’t spotted wintertime insect invaders, odds are you may have some. Our Go Green Perimeter Plus solution takes care of the top creepy crawlies we’ve seen around town and protects your home all year! For more details or to schedule your first appointment, just give us a call!

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