It’s Not Just Bugs, Part 1

It’s Not Just Bugs, Part 1

A high percentage of the time when we get a call, it’s about insect invaders in your home or yard. But we provide full-service pest prevention here at Good News Pest Solutions. That includes spiders, raccoons, bats, and rodents.

Here on the Gulf Coast of Florida, we generally run into one of two rodent invaders – your typical house mouse and the more aggressive roof or palm rats. We’ll discuss potential rat problems next week. Today, let’s talk about the Florida House Mouse.

Technically, these tiny furry folks are field mice. They’re also not native to Florida. But between the carpetbaggers coming in after the Civil War and the ongoing land development process, they moved into the state. And many times that includes moving into your home.

Tiny Terrors

Podomys floridanus is one of 60 species of field mice. It’s the only one found solely in the Sunshine State, hence the name. These mice typically weigh less than an ounce and can fit into very small cracks in the foundation or eaves of your house. They range in color from brown to an orangey brown with chestnut or orange flanks and a white underside.

They measure between seven and eight inches, which doesn’t sound small, until you realize two-thirds of their length is just their tail. Interestingly, their tail is greyish brown on top but white underneath, just like their bellies.

Since they’ve been displaced from their natural habitat by planned and gated communities, they seek out food wherever they can find it. And if there is a large enough opening in your home, they will come in.

Granted, a mouse of that size can only eat so much. But even though they’re much cleaner than their rat cousins, mice can spread salmonella, ricketts, and the virus lymphocytic choriomeningitis in their droppings that, well, drop, everywhere. They can also carry tapeworms and ringworms into your home.  

And of course, mice gnaw on almost anything and can chew through electrical wires, causing shorts or unseen fire hazards.

Rodent Relief

Good News Pest Solutions offers the most comprehensive rodent treatment program you can find in Florida. We start by excluding and sealing all known entry points, including installing proprietary roof vent covers. We’ll set humane traps to kill any rodents sealed in and install several bait stations around the outside of your home to limit the population.

We then vacuum up any droppings, and apply deodorizer, sanitizer, and a viruscide to the entire attic space. To “top it off,” we also offer thermal acoustical pest control insulation (TAP). TAP is more energy-efficient than standard fiberglass insulation and safe for humans and pets. Plus, it’s made of recyclable materials, creates a sound barrier, and effectively eliminates insects like roaches, ants and silverfish.

While it does not specifically affect rodents, we find a lot of our customers prefer the “new attic smell” once we’ve removed the mice and their droppings.

So it’s true; we take care of just about any pests. Okay, maybe not that weird cousin that makes family reunions awkward… But for non-human pests, we’re the people who can help. To deal with your rodent or bug issues, just give us a call!

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