Spider Treats That Cause No Fear... Just Fun!

Spider Treats That Cause No Fear... Just Fun!

So for our final spooky spider post of October 2021, we’ve decided to shed the spooky and focus on the flavorful! With Halloween less than a week away, you’re probably looking for some tasty treats to share with your in-house trick or treaters and harvest festival attendees. And we’ve got your hookup!

Spider Cookies

You’ll love these simple to make, but awesome looking spidery peanut butter cookies. You start with standard refrigerated sugar cookie dough. You can grab some from the grocery store or prepare your own from scratch.

Spoon up and bake the cookies as directed. But instead of letting them cool, as soon as you pull them out of the oven, use the back of a teaspoon to press a divot in the center of each one. Then, while the cookies are cooling, heat up some chocolate candy melts and fill a pastry bag (or a simple ziplock with the corner cut out will do fine.

Once the cookies are cool, squeeze some of the melted chocolate into each divot and press in a mini peanut butter cup (caramel filled mini cups work fine too!). Squeeze a little melted chocolate onto the back of a pair of candy eyes for each cookie and set them. Then add four chocolate legs on either side of the mini cup, and you’ve got the tastiest spider you ever chewed.

Spooky Spider Cookies

What, you want even easier to make spider cookies? Fine, we’ve got those too. Grab a bag of Halloween themed sandwich cookies, with the orange or green filling. Lay them all out on your prep tray, then cut up a bunch of black licorice ropes – for legs. Press eight legs into the colored filling. Then use a little ready to spread frosting to attach mini candy dots to the top of the cookies as eyes. Voilà! Easy peasy spider cookies!

Candy Spiderwebs

For these treats, you’ll need some pretzel sticks and white chocolate melts or vanilla candy coating.

You start by cutting out several rounds of wax paper, each a little larger than two pretzel sticks stuck end to end. Arrange eight to ten pretzel sticks pointing out from the center, in a starburst pattern. At the center of the star, drip some of the melted candy or chocolate. Then carefully lay out concentric circles wider and wider up the sticks, the last one on the outside edge.

Dribble sprinkles around the outside edge, or really anywhere around the melted candy. For added affect, you can fashion a small chocolate spider to sit in the center of the web. Tasty and a big hit at parties!

Spider Suckers

This one’s a great DIY treat that your kids can help create, and is safe to pass out to anybody who rings your doorbell this October 31st. Grab your favorite wrapped round lollypops, a little glue, pipe cleaners, and googly eyes.

Use strong scissors or wire cutters to safely snip twelve-inch pipe cleaners in half. You’ll need a pair (or four halves) for each spider sucker. Line them up and tuck the lollypop stick in the center, then carefully wrap the pipe cleaners around a couple of times, to tightly fit and make eight legs.

Flip the suckers over and separate out the “legs,” bending the outside ends a little bit to look more like feet. Then just apply a little glue to the back of the googly eyes and press two apiece – unless you’re making mutant spiders – to the pipe cleaners, top and center. You can use black or colored pipe cleaners. You can even splurge and make daddy-long-leg spiders by not cutting the pipe cleaners and using four per spider.

Have a safe and happy Halloween and Reformation Sunday. We’ll be back next week with lots of fun facts and safe pest solutions for your whole family!

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