Termites in Winter

Termites in Winter

I know what you’re thinking… we don’t really have winter on the Gulf Coast of Florida. I mean, maybe that week around Christmas where it dipped into the low 70’s, but still…

Well, the fact is, you’re not wrong. Which is why termites are such an issue here in the Sunshine State. While our neighbors to the North get a little respite while termites burrow deep for the cold weather, we deal with them year round!

In fact, Southwest Florida is the perfect setting for termites – since our semi-tropical weather keeps temperatures right in their active zone – 70-100 degrees Fahrenheit. When our temperatures do dip a bit, termites can slow down and may even lay fewer eggs – unless they’re already in your house!

While you were warming yourself around your annual opportunity to crank up the fireplace and enjoy cocoa around the Christmas tree, inside your walls termite queens could have been laying anywhere between dozens and hundreds of eggs while workers were feeding the nymphs. All in preparation for the first moments of Spring when they’ve molted into full-fledged workers themselves to begin their banquet.

We should also note that we have two main kinds of termites here in Florida. We run into both drywood and subterranean varieties of termites. Their most active time – swarming season –is March through July, every year. But as we’ve already mentioned – they can be active throughout the year.

Subterranean Terrors

The Asian and Formosan subterranean termites are the most dangerous to our Florida homes. Both swarm primarily from March to May, and are largely found in the Southern regions of Florida – anywhere on the base of our archipelago, from Key West up to West Palm and Tampa. Of the two, Formosan are the largest threat, as they are the most destructive of the subterranean termite species.

The Dark Southeastern subterranean termites also tend to stick with the Southern portions of our state – and this species is actually native to South Florida. That also means they’re uniquely suited to our weather, and, like snowbirds, can swarm from late October through mid-May.

Drywood Thrive-wood

Those of us who live in more wooded areas – or areas that were recently wooded as we continue to develop more property across the Gulf Coast – should be on the lookout for drywood termites. While subterranean termites tend to enter your home from below, drywood termites are always seeking out ANY wood they can devour and nest in. Southeastern drywood termites are somewhat rarer in our area but can cause significant damage.

But the real threats are the West Indian drywood termites. Their colonies spread rapidly and profusely. Quite often by the time you discover them it’s already too late. Within a year, millions of them can be inside your walls, your attics, and your furniture.

This is one of the reasons we’re constantly encouraging people to get termite protection. Repairing the damage termites have done is a $6 billion business each year. The average homeowner will spend anywhere from $8,000 to $20,000 rebuilding and replacing, not to mention anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 for the termite removal process itself. And homeowner’s insurance won’t cover it!

The best defense is planning ahead. Here at Good News Pest Solutions, we offer our affordable Term Assure 365 that protects your entire home from subterranean termite infestation – and comes with a $1-million damage repair warranty. Plus, we treat your whole home for the other typical insects – like ants and cockroaches – that try to invade your home throughout the year. To get more information from one of our highly-trained pest solution experts, just give us a call!


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