Carpe Diem Day

Carpe Diem Day

Good News Pest Solutions Team February 23, 2023

O Captain, my Captain!

While the Latin phrase ‘Carpe Diem’ has been a part of our English language for centuries, it first came into popular use when Robert Frost used it in a poem of the same name in 1938. Which, of course, led to it taking a significant role as the mantra for the students of fictional Welton Academy in Dead Poets Society.

Precisely translated as ‘pluck the day,’ the phrase is now embedded in our cultural lexicon as the expression for not waiting another day to start living your life. And that’s what led to the unofficially official Carpe Diem Day – celebrated every February 26. This year that’ll be this coming Sunday.

The holiday finds its origins in the life of Craig Dunham and his friend Yvette Franco. When Craig was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (aka ALS or Lou Gehrig’s Disease), Yvette spent 60 weeks between her 58th and 60th birthdays living out 60 different challenges to support her friend and raise awareness of ALS. Each challenge was intended to ‘force’ Yvette to seize the day, something that Craig would no longer be able to do. This included a dozen ice bucket challenges.

Seize Every Moment

The Latin phrase carpe diem goes back to the Roman poet Horace who died in 8 BC. The sentiment of living in the present, the now, is even older. A Chinese philosopher, only remembered by his title, old master or ‘Laozi,’ is credited with starting Taoism six hundred years before Jesus.

Taoism is a religious variation on philosophy that emphasizes living in harmony with the Dao. The Dao is ‘the way’ or ‘the path’ – the source of everything. The best comparison is The Force from Star Wars, since Lucas actually based the Jedi beliefs on Taoism and other eastern religions.

But the sentiment of the Dao is larger than a religious belief. It is connected to the gifts of compassion, frugality, and humility – much like Jesus called his followers to live their lives in service to each other and the world.

Number Our Days

The timing of Carpe Diem Day is also interesting. Coming at the end of February, it’s almost a hail Mary pass for our soon-to-be-forgotten new year’s resolutions. By this time in the year, you’re either not going to pretend or make one last ditch effort to get in shape, eat better, or… yes, seize the day.

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday, the official start of Lent, a time when Christians contemplate their lives in light of the coming remembrance of Jesus’ death. While Jesus never specifically said ‘seize the day,’ both the Apostle Paul and the author of Proverbs mention valuing our time on earth.

In the early centuries, Lent observances were characterized by the phrase “Memento Mori.” We are to remember that we die – not to wallow in despair but to embrace the time we have, knowing that we are not yet eternal.

Don’t let this day get away from you. Don’t wait for a friend to be diagnosed with a crippling disease or any other reminder that life is short. Seize the day - make the most of it! Enjoy life while you can. You’re alive today, don’t hold back until tomorrow. And encourage others in your life to embrace the gift of today.

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