Keeping Bugs Out!

Keeping Bugs Out!

Living on the Gulf Coast of Florida in the height of summer can often seem a lot like our little title image up there. No matter how hard you try, insects are going to invade your home and office – it’s just a fact.

However, there’s another fact – just because they get in doesn’t mean you have to just surrender and let them take over your home.

Roaches, Flies & Ants

It’s no surprise bugs want to come inside – it’s food, water and shelter – all in one building. And while it’s less of a factor, air conditioning can also attract certain insects who prefer cooler temperatures – or at least the smell from the water condensation unit.

Roaches and flies in particular are a plague, no pun intended, upon your household. They spread any manner of diseases and decay just by being there. It gets worse if they end up contaminating your food, drinks or even your toothbrush.

Every time a fly lands, it immediately both eats and poops. Not to be too disgusting, but waving away flies is not enough. The length of time the insect is on your food increases the amount of contamination. While we as humans have built up some immunities, you may want to think twice about popping that toast or cookie in your mouth after you’ve shooed the fly away.

It’s not just cockroaches themselves that can live for long periods of time – even without a head. Roaches can also carry ingested bacteria in their digestive system for months or even years. While there is no clear proof that cockroaches are vectors for human diseases, like the fly, roaches have a tendency to vomit and defecate on anything they walk on – including your damp toothbrush. Ew.

Roaches also carry with them multiple allergens. Even if they aren’t ruining your food or scaring the heck out of you scuttling around the floor at night, they can trigger allergic reactions to varying degrees among humans.

While ants don’t necessarily spread diseases or creep people out as much, they definitely can be a nuisance in your home.

Preventing Penetration

While you can’t fully eliminate insect infiltration into your home, there are steps you can take to reduce the possibility.

Keep Things Clean and Dry

The less enticement you provide to insects, the less likely they are to enter your domain. Clutter, crumbs, excess moisture and dirt serve as a welcome mat to all kinds of insects. By properly maintaining your house – and your yard – you cut down considerably on the interest from the creepy crawlies that might normally see your place as their home away from home.

Seal It Up!

Just like crumbs left around the corners of your kitchen and bedrooms, larger sources of open food are an enticement to various bugs in search of sustenance. In your pantry particularly, you’ll want to make sure everything is stored in sealed containers – preferably airtight.

The same goes for food you’d normally store on the countertops. Consider refrigerating a loaf of bread or the package of cookies. Even if you just store them in a well-made breadbox or cabinet, it will cut down on the attraction.

But don’t stop with the food – seal your doors, windows, foundation and soffit. Anywhere insects might find a foothold for entering your home. Caulk up the castle. Check around your home for potential points of entry for invasive insects. One often missed location is where vents or cables come into your home. If you leave windows open, make sure you use small mesh screens.

Go Au Naturel

There are certain smells that insects cannot abide by. Lavender, lemongrass, rosemary and garlic are popular plants to keep around your home. Just about any herbs with a strong aroma will do. If the smells bother you too, leave them on the porch for a partial aromatic defense.

Another similar approach is using similarly scented essential oils or candles. Snifters or burners around the home can spread those smells that ward off many bugs.

One of the worst things you can do is use harsh chemical insecticides in your home. Not only are many of them less effective as bugs (and super bugs!) build up immunities, but they are just as dangerous to your family and pets as the bugs you’re battling.

If the problem is too much for you to handle on your own, hire a professional who uses green, earth and family-friendly treatments. Our most popular solution – Go Green Perimeter Plus – eliminates the most common creepy crawlies – roaches, ants, silverfish, spiders and more. It’s affordable and safe for the entire family. For more details from one of our highly trained technicians or to schedule your first appointment, just give us a call!

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