Calling All Spiders?

Calling All Spiders?

We won’t be celebrating Labor Day for another two and a half weeks but the stores already have all of their Halloween decorations out – including a whole clutter of spiders. We don’t mean the spiders are a mess – a group of spiders is called a clutter, or sometimes cluster.

And while they’re not really evil or even adjacent to witches and bats and black cats, most people are still a little leery of having them in their homes – but they shouldn’t be. Spiders hardly ever pester humans. In fact, they’re actually great to have around because they get rid of the truly annoying and disgusting insects.

Who Ya Gonna Call?

If you see a ghost, you give Dan Ackroyd and company a ring. But if you see invasive insects like house flies, wasps, mosquitoes, clothes moths, ants and the like, you should pull out your smart phone and get some arachnids on the line.

Okay, sure, the analogy breaks down. Those guys from the movie are comedians, not ghost hunters, and we’ve yet to meet a spider with a cell phone. Although we do have it on good authority that they’re pretty active on the web…

All the dad jokes aside, spiders do make for excellent and affordable pest control. And chances are they’re already in at least parts of your home, especially during our annual rainy season on the Gulf Coast of Florida. 

But we know. Despite all the good things we could say– and have already said - about spiders, you’re here to find out how to get rid of them. So, gather round. Here are 5 tips to keep arachnids away.

1. Clean

One of the reasons spiders are attracted to your home is the presence of other bugs. So cleaning and straightening will do wonders to reduce both arachnid and insect populations.
Wiping everything down and clearing out the clutter in your garage, storage space or attic will also help eliminate a spider clutter. So will eliminating food sources that attract insects. Even if they are relatively clean, old cardboard boxes and papers can attract both insects and spiders. If you don’t need to save them, recycle them

2. Dirty

Check around the perimeter of your house and clear away debris, leaves, and mulch that’s up too close to your foundation. It can provide hidden access. You’ll also want to check and seal any potential entry points – including where water, cable, and electric enter your homes. An ounce of caulk equals a pound of prevention.

Diatomaceous earth is made up of the fossilized remains of algae. Mix 1 tbsp of food grade DE with water and spray it around where you suspect a spider’s presence. It’s also good for sprinkling on your garden to scare off pests. Just be careful not to inhale the dust – you’ll end up in a coughing fit and prolonged exposure can seriously endanger your respiratory health.

3. Smell

Just like many other crawling creatures, spiders have certain odors that they cannot stand. Citrus, peppermint, vinegar, dish soap, cedar, and – strangely enough – chestnuts – ward away the casual web spinner with their aroma.

Certain essential oils can also do the trick. Use a diffuser or simply sprinkle a few drops in the corners of the room to keep spiders at bay.

4. Sound

We’ve talked before about how spiders are sensitive to sound – they even tune their spider webs! Spiders have terrible eyesight, so they use sound to attune to their nearby prey.

Cranking up the good time tunes while you’re cleaning will gently disrupt the spider’s hearing and they’ll look for a quieter place to hang out – preferably outside your home.

5. Go to Extremes

If you really must, there are some less subtle ways of escorting spiders off your premises – alive or not. Glue traps can be effective, even on web-based spiders, especially in your garage or attic. Unless you check them daily, just be prepared to find some dead spiders.

There are insecticides specially made to repel spiders. But you should always be careful with any harsh chemicals that could be as dangerous to your family as to the spiders.

That’s why Good News Pest Solutions only uses the greenest, safest pest solutions. We’ve been protecting our clients and their families for 35 years with our Go Green Perimeter Plus. It’s the affordable way to keep the pests out of your home and your family safe. For more details or to schedule your first appointment, just give us a call!

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