The Most Common Pests in Florida Homes  - Part 2

The Most Common Pests in Florida Homes  - Part 2

Good News Pest Solutions Team February 08, 2024

Last week, Punxsutawney Phil did NOT see his shadow – meaning an early spring for most of the country. At least that's true if you believe in rodent-oriented prophecies and omens. Regardless, for those of us on the Gulf Coast of Florida, we’re looking at slightly cooler temperatures along with a decent amount of rain. But fret not! It’ll be time for some spring cleaning soon.

This week, we return to our on-going series on the most common pests in Florida homes. We’ve seen and treated the worst the Sunshine State has to offer. But for this post, we’re going to focus on the horsefly and the omnivorous house cricket.

House Crickets

Thanks to Charles Dickens, Walt Disney and George Selden, we have a somewhat more romantic notion about crickets than many of the other insects we encounter. But make no mistake – despite their name, you do not want house crickets in your home.

No, they don’t bite, destroy your foundation, or spread disease, and yes, they play a cheery tune. But they also have a tendency to chow down on our sweaters and silks. In fact, they’ll eat almost anything but tend to favor wool, cotton, linen, and other fabrics.

Entomologists say Acheta domesticus probably had their origins in the southwestern Asian world but have since spread to almost every corner of the globe, thanks to human travelers. They measure between 5/8 and a full inch, have long hindwings, and can hop nearly three feet in one jump.

They’re great as fish bait as well as snake and fish food. In fact, that’s probably how most of them get into your house, as they are far more likely to hang out in fields, forests, and on the shore in damp soil where they lay their eggs.

The best way to keep house crickets out is to keep a clean house, have good door seals, and make sure you keep pet food sealed.


As the name implies, horseflies tend to hang around and take a nibble from horses, cattle, and large domesticated animals. Unfortunately, if they can’t find some livestock to get their fix of blood, they often turn to humans as a substitute.

Horseflies are often found near water sources, in wooded areas and swampy meadows. In some sense, horse flies take the worst elements of houseflies and mosquitoes and combine them. Their bites are itchy – often transmitting bacteria as well as allergens when they sink their mouthparts into us.

Plus, horseflies can be very aggressive, especially if they are hungry. Thankfully, they tend to show up primarily in the summer months. Horseflies are least active at night, but can be most active in the early morning and sunset as temperatures start to cool.

They’re larger than houseflies – 1/2 to 3/4ths of an inch long, with typically green eyes, large wings, and dark gray or black bodies.

If you get bitten, wash the area thoroughly with soap and water. If the irritation persists or you develop a fever or excessive redness, consult a doctor.

Unfortunately, there is little you can do to prevent horseflies other than trying to control or eliminate standing water around your house. Traps and insecticides are ineffective and may actually be more dangerous for your family than the insects you’re trying to eliminate.

That’s one of the many reasons Good News Pest Solutions has been dedicated to natural solutions for years. Our treatments are the greenest and most effective pest control you can find in Florida – and they’re safe for your family and pets.

Tell horseflies to buzz off with our Go Green Perimeter Plus treatment. It handles the pests we see most often in Florida homes, like spiders, roaches, ants and silverfish. And like all of our solutions, it’s affordable, safe and administered by highly qualified field technicians.

For more details – or to schedule your first appointment before spring arrives – give us a call!


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