Wearing of the Green

Wearing of the Green

Our clocks just sprang forward, and yesterday was Julius Caesar’s least favorite holiday. That means that tomorrow is a very green day indeed.

Lá Fhéile Pádraig, or St. Patrick’s Day is the traditional day of the slave-turned-missionary’s death in Ireland. Ironically, until recently, the celebrations surrounding the feast day were far more popular and prevalent in the United States than in Eire. That may be partly due to the fact that Lenten sacrifices are officially suspended for the day – which also is the reason green beer is such a big thing.

Of course, we’re fans of all things green here at Good News Pest Solutions. It’s one of the tenets of our business. But before we talk about that, we thought we’d look at some of the greener insects in our world – many of whom were created that way by God to help them blend into their surroundings.


Unlike the characters in a Pixar movie, we’re not sure that bugs really have that hard or complicated of a life. We do know that they have to be on constant lookout for the various birds and other predators that find them delicious. Which is why some of them are very good at disappearing into their environment.

Green stink bugs, like their cousins the brown stink bugs, survive not only by the nasty smell they fire off when threatened, but also because their little bodies are shades of green that closely resemble, if not perfectly match, the leaves they both sit on and eat. Also sometimes called green soldier bugs, their hard-shelled backs look like individual leaves and protect their more fragile wings.

What’s in a name? Grasshoppers – except for those weird orange ones we see on the Gulf Coast of Florida – clearly use their coloration to hop through the green grass. And what a hop it is – up to 30 inches high! That would be like you or I jumping over a 6-story building with a single bound. Grasshoppers aren’t always green either. They can change their colors to match their surroundings.

Aphids are assisted in their camouflage by being so small and nearly translucent they are often unnoticeable even to birds’ keen eyes. Unfortunately, of the three insects we’ve mentioned so far, aphids are by far the most damaging and destructive. They hang out on the bottom of leaves and suck the life right out of them, leaving dead leaves (and plants) in their wake.


Some insects take blending in to the next level.

Katydids, Green Lacewings, and Stick bugs have bodies that literally look like they are leaves or sticks. You might not even notice them until they move. That keeps them alive in the wild. And by the way, Green Lacewings are very good to have around as they are the primary predator for green aphids.

 Spicebush Swallowtail Caterpillar’s are green – but their real camo is the black and white splotches on their backs. They literally look like a bird pooped on their backs. And the other birds leave that alone.

Ambush bugs can alter their appearance to look like whatever plant they’re on as they lie in wait to,  yes, ambush other unsuspecting insects for dinner.

It Isn’t Easy

Then there are some insects that are just green.

For example, there are a few species of moths and butterflies that have striking green and black markings that make them stand out rather than blend in.

The Praying Mantis doesn’t so much hide from us as they lie in wait for other insects. They can slightly alter their green coloration but are usually bright green and just stay still until they attack. Like Lacewings, Mantises are good to have around as they eat other pesky insects set on devouring our crops.

Good News Pest Solutions is also very green. For more than 30 years we’ve served our clients with the safest, most natural, and greenest pest treatments you can find. We believe we’re here to steward our planet, so we work to protect it as well as your families. Our top solution solves the most prevalent insect problems in our area and it’s affordable. Just ask about Go Green Perimeter Plus when you give us a call!

And...Happy St. Patrick's Day!


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